Auxiliary Unit #12
Beaufort, SC

Commander: Gail Clark
Sr Vice: Vickie Young
Jr Vice June Felver
Adj/Treasurer: Sandra Voegeli
Legistrative: Vickie Young
Membership: Barbara Gish
Sec Member: Sandra Voegeli
Alt Sec: Gail Clark

 We are a small group right now but plan to grow and work together in helping each other. Membership in our group will keep us going and keep us involved on the National Level. We now can include membership to those who are caregivers of a military man or woman, those who have family members who are or were military. With this we are hoping to increase membership and with that workers who can assist us when we work on fundraisers and that is not the only reason for belonging, we need each other. Women and men who have been a caregiver to a Disabled Veteran know what each other has gone through and can come along side of them. We develop deep friendships.
Sandy Voegeli